Blood Relation Questions and Answers Part-3

1. Pointing to a man in a photograph, Asha said,"His mother's only daughter is my mother." How is Asha related to that man?
a) Nephew
b) Sister
c) Wife
d) Niece

Answer: d
Explanation: Asha's mothers mother is man's mother i.e, Asha's mother is man's sister or Asha is man's niece.

2. Pointing to a women, Naman said, "She is the daughter of the only child of my grandmother." How is the women related to Naman?
a) Sister
b) Niece
c) Cousin
d) Data inadequate

Answer: a
Explanation: Only child of Naman's grandmother-----Naman's father/mother
Daughter of Naman's father/mother-----Naman's sister.

3. Pointing to a photograph a man said,"I have no brother or sister but that man's father is my father's son." Whose photograph was it ?
a) His own
b) His son's
c) His father's
d) His nephew's

Answer: b
Explanation: Since the narrator has no brother, his father's son is he himself. So, the man who is talking is the father of the man in the photograph. Thus, the man in the photograph is his son.

4. Introducing a man, a woman said," His wife is the only daughter of my father," How is that man related to the woman?
a) Brother
b) Father-in-law
c) Maternal uncle
d) Husband

Answer: d
Explanation: Only daughter of woman's father-----woman herself. So, the man is woman's husband.

5. Pointing to a photograph, a man said,"She is the grand daughter of the elder brother of my father." How is the girl in the photograph related to this man?
a) Niece
b) Sister
c) Aunt
d) Sister-in-law

Answer: a
Explanation: Brother of father----Uncle: Uncle's grand daughter----Daughter of uncle's son----Daughter of cousin---Niece.

6. A is the brother of B. B is the brother of C. D is the father of A. Based on these statements, which of the following statements cannot be definitely true ?
a) B is the brother of A
b) B is the son of D
c) A is the brother of C
d) C is the brother of A

Answer: d
Explanation: A is the brother of B and B is the brother of C. So, C may be the brother or sister of A.

7. P is the brother of Q and R. S is R's mother. T is P's father. Which of the following statements cannot be definitely true ?
a) S is P's mother
b) P is S's son
c) T is S's husband
d) Q is T's son

Answer: d
Explanation: P, Q, R are children of same parents. So, S, who is R's mother and T, who is P's father will be mother and father of all three. However, it is not mentioned whether Q is male or female. So,(5) cannot be definitely true.

8. A, B, C, D, E, F and G are members of a family consisting of four adults and three children, two of whom, F and G are girls. A and D are brothers and A is a doctor. E is an engineer married to one of the brothers and has two children. B is married to D and G is their child. Who is C ?
a) A's son
b) E's daughter
c) F's father
d) G's brother

Answer: a
Explanation: E is married to A or D. But, S is married to D. Thus, E is married to A. Thus, A, B, D, E are the four adults and C, F, G are the three children in the family. B and D have a child G. A and E have two children---C and F. Now, only F and G are girls. So, C is a boy. Thus, C is A's or E's son.

9. Shobha is the niece of Ashish. Ashish's mother is Priya. Kamla is Priya's mother. Kamla's husband is Hari. Krishna is the mother-in-law of Hari. How is Shobha related to Hari ?
a) Daughter
b) Great grand daughter
c) Grand niece
d) Great grandson's daughter

Answer: b
Explanation: Shobha is the niece of Ashish means Ashish is the uncle of Shobha. Now, Priya is Ashish's mother. So, Priya is the grand mother of Shobha. Hari is Priya's father. So, Shobha is the greatgrand daughter of Hari.

10. Examine the following relationship among members of a family of six person---A, B, C, D, E and F.
1.The number of males equals that of females.
12.A and E are sons of F.
3.D is the mother of two, one boy and one girl.
4.B is the son of A.
5.There is one married couple in the family at present.
Which one of the following inferences can be drawn from the above?
a) A, B and C are all females.
b) A is the husband of D.
c) D is the grand daughter of F.
d) E and F are children of D.

Answer: b
Explanation: Clearly, there are three males and three females. Now, A, E and B are sons and hence male. So, C, D and F are females.
D has one male and one female child. Clearly, A and D form a couple having two children, namely B and C. Hence, A is the husband of D.