Blood Relation Questions and Answers Part-5

1. E is the son of A. D is the son of B. E married to C. C is B's daughter. How is D related to E
a) Brother
b) Uncle
c) Father-in-law
d) Brother-in-law

Answer: d
Explanation: C is B's daughter and D is B's son. So, D is the brother of C. E is a male and married to C. So, E is the husband of C, whose brother is D. Thus, D is the brother-in-law of E.

2. A is father of X; B is mother of Y. The sister of X is Z and Y. Which of the following statements is definitely not true ?
a) B is the mother of Z
b) X is the sister of Z
c) Y is the son of A
d) B has one daughter

Answer: c
Explanation: A is the father of X and Y is the sister of X. So, Y is the daughter of A.

3. P is the son of Q while Q and R are the sisters to one another. T is the mother of R. If S is the son of T, which of the following statements is correct ?
a) T is the brother of Q
b) S is the cousin of P
c) Q and S are sisters
d) S is the maternal uncle of P

Answer: d
Explanation: Q and R are sisters, So, T is the mother of R, means T is the mother of both q and R. S is the son of T, means S is the brother of Q. Thus,P is the son of Q means S is the maternal uncle of Q.

4. P's father Q is B's paternal uncle and A's husband M is P's paternal uncle. How is A related to B ?
a) Cousin
b) Aunt
c) Mother
d) Data inadequate

Answer: c
Explanation: Q is the paternal uncle of B, means Q is the brother of P's father. P is the son of Q. So, B's father and P's father are brothers.
Also, M is the paternal uncle of P, means M is the brother of P's father. So, M is the father of B. Since A is the wife of M, so A is the mother of B.

5. C is A's father's nephew. D is A's cousin but not the brother of C. How is D related to C ?
a) Father
b) Sister
c) Mother
d) Aunt

Answer: b
Explanation: C is A's father's nephew, means C is the son of A's father's brother i.e., C is the cousin of A. D is also A's cousin. So, D must be real brother or sister of C. But D is not brother of C. So, D must be sister of C.

6. Pointing to a photograph, Arun said, " She is the mother of my son's wife's daughter." How is Arun related to the lady?
a) Uncle
b) Cousin
c) Father-in-law
d) None of these

Answer: c
Explanation: Arun's son's wife's daughter---Arun's son's daughter; Mother of daughter of Arun's son---Wife of Arun's son.
So, Arun is the father-in-law of the lady.

7. Pointing to a photograph, a lady tells Pramod, "I am the only daughter of this lady and her son is your maternal uncle. " How is the speaker related to Pramod's father?
a) Sister-in-law
b) Wife
c) Either 1 or 2
d) Neither 1 nor 2

Answer: b
Explanation: Clearly, the speaker's brother is Pramod's maternal uncle.
So,the speaker is Pramod's mother or his father's wife. n

8. Rahul told Anand, "Yesterday I defeated the only brother of the daughter of my grand mother." Whom did Rahul defeat?
a) Son
b) Father
c) Brother
d) Father-in-law

Answer: b
Explanation: Daughter of grand mother---Aunt; Aunt's only brother---Father

9. Pointing to an old man, Kunal said," His son is my son's uncle." How is the old man related to Kunal ?
a) Brother
b) Uncle
c) Father
d) Grandfather

Answer: c
Explanation: Kunal son's uncle---Kunal's brother. So, the old man's son is Kunal's brother i.e., the old man is Kunal's father.

10. X introduces Y saying, " He is the husband of the grand daughter of the father of my father." How is Y related to X ?
a) Brother
b) Son
c) Brother-in-law
d) Nephew

Answer: c
Explanation: Father's father---Grandfather; Grandfather's grand daughter---Sister; Sister's husband---Brother-in-law. So, Y is X's brother-in-law.