Blood Relation Questions and Answers Part-5

1.If X says that his mother is the only daughter of Y’s mother, how is Y related to X?
a) Aunt
b) Father
c) Brother
d) Uncle

Answer: d
Explanation: Y must be a man as his sister is the only daughter of his mother. So Y is X’s uncle. Therefore (d).

2. Jack said, “This girl is the wife of the only grandson of my mother.” How is Jack related to the girl?
a) Father
b) Father-in-law
c) Grandfather
d) Husband

Answer: b
Explanation: The grandson is Jack’s son, so it makes Jack this girl’s father-in-law. Hence (b)

3. A woman Manpreet asks a man Harpreet, “You are the brother of my uncle’s daughter. How are you related to me?”. What was the man’s answer?
a) Cousin
b) Son
c) Brother-in-law
d) Nephew

Answer: a
Explanation: The man is the son of the woman’s uncle, i.e., the man is the woman’s cousin. Hence (a)

4. Allen told Beatrix, “Yesterday, I met the only brother of the daughter of my grandmother.” Whom did Allen meet?
a) Cousin
b) Brother
c) Nephew
d) Father

Answer: d
Explanation: The clue makes the man son of Allen’s grandmother i.e., the man can be Allen’s father or uncle. Since, the options do not contain uncle, we have to conclude it is the father. So (d) is the right option.

5. A woman presents a man as the son of the brother of her mother. How is the man related to the woman?
a) Nephew
b) Son
c) Cousin
d) Uncle

Answer: c
Explanation: The man is the son of the woman’s mother’s brother, that makes the man and the woman cousins. Therefore (c) is the correct answer

Data for Questions 6 & 7 : Raina, Murli, Haiden, Patel, Gony, Balaji and Morkel are seven members in a family, out of whichthere are three females and four males. There are two managers, two lawyers, one teacher, one engineer and one doctor. No lady is either a teacher or an engineer. Haiden is a lawyer and is married to Raina, who is a teacher. Balaji, the engineer, is married to Patel, who is neither a lawyer nor a doctor. No two ladies have the same profession. Murli is the sister of Morkel, who is a manager.

6. What is Gony’s profession?
a) Manager
b) Lawyer
c) Manager or Lawyer
d) Data inadequate

Answer: b
Explanation: From the clues we can see that no lady is either a teacher or an engineer. Hence these have to be males. Now since Raina is a male, Haiden is a female because Haiden is a lawyer and is married toRaina. Balaji the engineer is married to Patel. Hence Balaji is a male and Patel is a female so Patelcannot be teacher or engineer. It is also given that she is neither a lawyer or a doctor. Thus, she is a manager.
Again, Murli is sister of Morkel who is the manager. Morkel is a male because no two females have the same profession and Patel is a female and a manager. On the same grounds, Murli cannot be lawyer hence she is a doctor. By elimination of clues Gony is a lawyer and a male.
Now let us tabulate all the conclusions in a table:
So, Option (b) is correct

7. Which of the following is the group of males?
a) Raina, Murli, Balaji and Morkel
b) Gony, Balaji, Patel and Morkel
c) Raina, Haiden, Gony and Balaji
d) Raina, Gony, Balaji and Morkel

Answer: d
Explanation: Option (d) is correct

Data for Questions 8 & 9 : P, Q, R, S, T, U and V are seven members of a family belonging to three generations. There are twomarried couples—one each of first and second generation respectively. They travel in three different cars—Bentley, Lamborghini and Ferrari so that no car has more than three members and there is at least one female in each car. R, who is a granddaughter, does not travel with her grandfather and grandmother. Q travels with his father T in Lamborghini. U travels with her granddaughter S inBentley. P travels with her daughter in Ferrari.

8. How many female members are there in the family?
a) Three
b) Four
c) Five
d) None of these

Answer: c
Explanation: On the basis of the given clues we get the following information:
Besides this we came to know that R is a female but we still do not know the gender of V. But it is given that there is at least one female in each car. The above table shows that Lamborghini has a vacant seat for a female passenger. Hence, the seventh person must be a female to fulfill the condition. Hence, V is a female. But we still do not know in which car R and V are travellingknowing that both are not in the same car. Now we need to construct a family tree:
Since R does not travel with her grandfather and grandmother, R is not in Bentley, hence R is inLamborghini. We are still not aware of V’s position in the family tree.
Option (c) is correct

9.Which of the following is one of the married couples?
a) DB
b) BC
c) EF
d) None of these

Answer: c
Explanation: Option (c) is correct

10. In a family of six persons—Pranay, Qayamat, Ravi, Shashi, Tanveer, Umed, there are three males andthree females. There are two married couples and two persons are unmarried. Each one of them reads different magazines, which are Cosmopolitan, Vogue, India Today, Economist, Stardust and Femina.
The following facts about the family members are also known:
Tanveer, who reads Cosmopolitan, is mother-in-law of Pranay, who is wife of Ravi. Shashi is the father of Umed and he does not read Vogue or Femina. Qayamat reads Stardust and is the sister of Umed, who reads India Today. Ravi does not read Femina.
Who among the following reads Vogue and what is the relation between the person who reads Vogue and Qayamat?
a) Ravi, Sister
b) Ravi, Father
c) Umed, sister
d) Shashi, Father

Answer: a
Explanation: From the given information of the readership, we can build a table as follows:
(a) Tanveer and Shashi are a couple.
(b) Pranay and Ravi are a couple.
(c) Ravi, Umed and Qayamat are brothers and sisters.
Option (a) is the correct answer.