Direction Sense Test Questions and Answers Part-1

Data for Questions 1 & 4 : Answer the questions independent of each other

1. A watch in Huckleberry Finn’s house reads 4·30. If the minute hand points towards the West, in which direction does the hour hand point?
a) Northeast
b) Southwest
c) Northwest
d) North

Answer: a
Explanation: If minute hand is pointing towards west, there will be a difference of 45 degrees in the minute hand and the hour hand at 4:30. And that difference would be in the anticlockwise direction. So, southwest. Option (a) is correct

2. Hanuman, while looking for the Sanjeevani booty travels 3 km to the west, turns left and goes 3 km, turns right and goes 1 km, again turns right and goes 3 km. How far is he from the starting point?
a) 7 km
b) 6 km
c) 5 km
d) 4 km

Answer: d
From the figure it is evident that the distance is 4 kms. Option (d) is correct

3. Raveena walks 10 km south from her house, turns left and walks 25 km, again turns left and walks 40 km, then turns right and walks 5 km to reach her office. In which direction was the office from her house?
a) Southwest
b) Northeast
c) East
d) North

Answer: b
The journey would be as per the figure. Her office would be northeast from her house. Option (b) is correct

4. For the above question, what is the distance of her office from her home?
a) 30
b) \[30¥ 2^{1/2}\]
c) 45 ¥ 21/2
d) None of these

Answer: b
Explanation: The distance d2 = 302 + 302 = 1800. d = 30 ¥ 21/2 . Option (b) is correct.

Data for Questions 5 & 9 : These questions are based on the diagram given below showing four persons Amar, Bhushan, Chandu and Dilip stationed at the four corners of a square piece of plot as shown.

5. Amar starts crossing the plot diagonally. After walking half the distance, he turns right (900), walks some distance and turns left. Which direction is A facing now?
a) Northeast
b) North
c) Northwest
d) Southeast

Answer: d
Explanation: To get to the answer we must assume Amar to be at the point of dissection of the two direction lines. After walking half the distance, Amar will reach the mid of the diagonal, then turn right and face northwest and after that would face the southwest direction when he turns left. (Note that the directions in the figure are different from the usual north, south, east, west directions as the north is in the east position.) Option (d) is correct.

6. From the original position given in the above figure, Amar and Chandu move one side length clockwise and then cross over to the corner diagonally opposite; Bhushan and Dilip move one side length anticlockwise and cross over to the corner diagonally opposite. The original configurations Amar-Bhushan-Chandu-Dilip (ABCD) has now changed to

Answer: b
Explanation: Amar would be at Dilip’s position, Chandu would be at Bhushan’s position, Bhushan would be at Chandu’s position and Dilip would be at Amar’s position. Thus, the final positioningwould be Dilip-Chandu- Bhushan-Amar. DCBA (Option b) is correct.

7. From the original position, Bhushan and Dilip move one and a half length of sides clockwise and anti-clockwise respectively. Which one of the following statements is now true?
a) Bhushan and Dilip are both at the midpoints between Amar and Chandu.
b) Bhushan is at the midpoint between Amar and Chandu, and Dilip is at the corner originally occupied by Amar.
c) Dilip is closer to Amar than he is to Chandu and Bhushan is closer to Chandu than he is to Amar.
d)Dilip is closer to Chandu than he is to Amar and Bhushan is closer to Amar than he is to Chandu.

Answer: c
Explanation: The final positions would be:
Option (c) can be seen to be correct.

8. From the positions in the original figure, Bhushan and Amar move diagonally to opposite corners and then one side each clockwise and anticlockwise respectively. Chandu and Dilip move three sides each anticlockwise and clockwise respectively. Where is Amar now?
a) At the northwest corner
b) At the southeast corner
c) At the northeast corner
d) At the southwest corner

Answer: b
Explanation: Amar would reach Bhushan’s original position as seen in the figure for the final positions. He would be at the southeast corner
Option (b) is correct

9. After the movements given in the above questions, who is at the northwest comer?
a) Amar
b) Chandu
c) Bhushan
d) Dilip

Answer: b
Explanation: Chandu would be at the northwest corner from the solution figure to the previous question

10. A road network has parallel and perpendicular roads running northsouth or eastwest only. Junctions/Intersections on this road network are marked as A, B, C, D… All roads are at exactly half a kilometer distance from each other. The following is known about junctions A, B, C, H and X.
‘A’ is east of ‘B’ and west of ‘C’, ‘H’ is southwest of ‘C’ and southeast of B. ‘B’ is southeast of ‘X’. Which junctions are the farthest south and the farthest east?
a) H,B
b) H, C
c) C,H
d) B,H

Answer: b
Explanation: It can be inferred from the figure below that H is the farthest south and C is the farthest east.
Option (b) is correct.