Units and Measurement Questions and Answers Part-3

1. Temperature can be expressed as a derived quantity in terms of any of the following
a) Length and mass
b) Mass and time
c) Length, mass and time
d) None of these

Answer: d
Explanation: Because temperature is a fundamental quantity.

2. Unit of power is
a) Kilowatt
b) Kilowatt-hour
c) Dyne
d) Joule

Answer: a
Explanation: Unit of power is Kilowatt

3. Density of wood is 0.5 gm/cc in the CGS system of units. The corresponding value in MKS units is
a) 500
b) 5
c) 0.5
d) 5000

Answer: a
Explanation: 1 C.G.S unit of density = 1000 M.K.S. unit of density = 0.5 gm/cc = 500 kg/m3

4. Unit of energy is
a) J / sec
b) \[Watt-day\]
c) Kilowatt
d) \[gm-cm / sec^{2}\]

Answer: b
Explanation: Unit of energy is \[Watt-day\]

5. Which is the correct unit for measuring nuclear radii
a) Micron
b) Millimetre
c) Angstrom
d) Fermi

Answer: d
Explanation: Fermi

6. One Mach number is equal to
a) Velocity of light
b) Velocity of sound (332 m / sec)
c) 1 km / sec
d) 1m / sec

Answer: b

7. The unit for nuclear dose given to a patient is
a) Fermi
b) Rutherford
c) Curie
d) Roentgen

Answer: d
Explanation: Roentgen

8. Volt/metre is the unit of
a) Potential
b) Work
c) Force
d) Electric intensity

Answer: d

9. \[Newton/met re^{2}\]   is the unit of
a) Energy
b) Momentum
c) Force
d) Pressure

Answer: d
Explanation: \[Newton/met re^{2}\]   is the unit of Pressure

10. The unit of surface tension in SI system is
a) \[Dynen/cm^{2}\]
b) Newton / m
c) \[Dyne/cm\]
d) \[Newton/m^{2}\]

Answer: b