Puzzle Test Questions and Answers Part-5

Data for Questions 1 & 2 : Five colleagues met at the party. While chatting that night they discovered that each of them has a favourite TV show that airs one night during the week. By coincidence, each of them loves a different show, each of which airs on a different night and channel. Given below are a few clues about the full name of each colleague, the genre their favourite show is in, the night each show airs, and the channel the show airs on (one of the channel is Channel 6).
(a) Manmohan didn’t watch a show on Friday night. Mr. Obama watched his favourite show onChannel 21, the highest numbered channel. The favourite shows airing on Tuesday and Thursday night were on channels one number apart.
(b) The man who watched the western show on Channel 7 didn’t watch TV on Wednesday night. Mark watched a channel one digit lower than the man who watched the sports show.
(c) Mr. Singh watched the show on Channel 5, the lowest-numbered channel. The science fictionshow aired on Channel 12.
(d) Barack didn’t watch TV on Monday night. Mr. Twain didn’t watch the action show. Manmohan didn’t watch the sports show.
(e) Gordon’s favourite show aired on a channel higher than the Tuesday night show but lower than the show that Charles watched.
(f) The five colleagues watched their favourite shows during the week in the following order: Mark, the man who watched Channel 7, the man who watched the mystery, Mr. Brown, and Mr. Babbag

1. What is the full name of Barack?
a) Barack Babbage
b) Barack Singh
c) Barack Brown
d) Barack Obama

Answer: c
Option (c) is the correct answer.

2. Channel 5 is viewed by whom, on which day and which is his favourite program genre?
a) Mark Twain, Monday and Western
b) Charles Singh, Monday and Action
c) Barack Babbage, Thursday and Sports
d) Mark Singh, Monday and Action

Answer: d
Explanation: Option (d) is the correct answer (Refer explanation of Question 1)

Data for Questions 3 & 4 : Houses numbered 1A to 4D situated east to west in that order, are each occupied by College of Commerce professors. They all teach different subjects, possess different makes and different models (years) of bikes:
(i) Anurag Kesarwani does not own a Suzuki (owner of which is professor of Gujrati language).
(ii) Anshul has a Honda bike.
(iii) Mr. Khanduja lives in House No. 3.
(iv) Mr. Singh is the professor of Sanskrit language.
(v) 2001 model of bike owned by the Urdu language professor is not of BMW make.
(vi) Vivek is the professor of Bengali language.
(vii) Mr. Saxena is not the owner of 2004 model bike, owner of which lives next to in a house westward of one owning 2002 model bike.
(viii) Siddhartha’s is House No. 4

3. Prof. Singh owns which make and model (year) of bike?
a) Suzuki of 2001
b) BMW of 2004
c) Honda of 2002
d) BMW of 2003

Answer: c
Explanation: Anshul owns the Honda and Vivek teaches Bengali => Gujrati teacher owning Suzuki – who isn’t Anurag Kesarwani – is Siddhartha in House No. 4D (Clues (ii), (vi), (i), (viii)).
Prof. Singh who teaches Sanskrit is Anshul (Clue (iv)). Anurag Kesarwani, who teaches Urdu owns 2001 model bike which is not BMW (Clue (v)), neither is it Suzuki nor Honda – an unknown make.
So, Vivek Khanduja owns BMW in House No. 3C and Siddhartha’s surname is Saxena (Clue (iii)).
Since Siddhartha’s vehicle is not a 2002 or 2004 model (Clue (vii)) and neither a 2001 model – it is model of an unknown year (which could be 2005 or an earlier year).
Now 2002 model belongs to House No. 2 and 2004 model to House No. 4.
Anshul Singh’s is 2002 model and Vivek Khanduja’s is 2003 model.
Remaining House No. 1A is Anurag Kesarwani’s.
The summary is as under
Anurag – Kesarwani – Urdu –???? – 2001
Anshul – Singh – Sanskrit – Honda – 2002
Vivek – Khanduja – Bengali – BMW – 2003
Siddhartha – Saxena – Gujrati – Suzuki – ????
Option (c) is the correct answer

4. If Urdu and Sanskrit language professors exchange their bikes, who could be the owner of the latest model?
a) Anurag only
b) Siddhartha only
c) Vivek only
d) Siddhartha or Vivek only

Answer: d
Explanation: Option (d) is the correct answer (Refer explanation of Question 3)

Data for Questions 5 to 7 : Five friends Michael, Mark, Lewis, Karan and Jenson are students of five different disciplines—medical, engineering, architecture, arts, management and each plays a different musical instrument—sitar, tabla, sarod, guitar and violin.
Lewis, a medical student, does not play sarod or sitar nor guitar.
Jenson is neither a student of Engineering nor Management.
Karan, who plays tabla, is an Arts student.
Neither Jenson nor Michael plays sarod

5. Who among the following plays Sarod?
a) Michael
b) Mark
c) Jenson
d) Data inadequate

Answer: b
Option (b) is the correct answer.

6. The guitarist is a student of which of the following disciplines?
a) Engineering
b) Either Engineering or Management
c) Architecture
d) Data inadequate

Answer: d
Explanation: There is a choice of Engineering, Architecture and Management. Hence Option (d) is the correct answer (Refer explanation of Question 5)

7. Who among the following plays Sitar?
a) Michael
b) Mark
c) Jenson
d) Data inadequate

Answer: d
Explanation: No clear clue provided hence Option (d) is the correct answer (Refer explanation of Question 5)

Data for Questions 8 to 10 : Five friends—Ramesh, Suresh, Tanveer, Umesh, and Vikram—each present one paper to their class on mathematics, history, biology, chemistry, or dermatology—one day a week, Monday through Friday.
(i) Vikram does not do chemistry and does not give his presentation on Tuesday.
(ii) Suresh makes the dermatology presentation, and does not do it on Monday or Friday.
(iii) The mathematics presentation is made on Thursday.
(iv) Tanveer presents his presentation, which is not on Chemistry, on Wednesday.
(v) The biology presentation is on Friday, and not by Umesh.
(vi) Ramesh makes his presentation on Monday.

8. What day is the Chemistry presentation made?
a) Friday
b) Monday
c) Tuesday
d) Wednesday

Answer: b
Monday. Option (b)

9. What presentation does Vikram do?
a) Chemistry
b) Dermatology
c) Mathematics
d) Biology

Answer: d
Explanation: Biology. Option (d) (Refer explanation of Question 8)

10.What day does Umesh make his presentation on?
a) Monday
b) Tuesday
c) Wednesday
d) Thursday

Answer: d
Explanation: Thursday. Option (d) (Refer explanation of Question 8)