Puzzle Test Questions and Answers Part-1

Data for Questions 1 to 5 : Six friends A, B, C, D, E, and F work in different companies namely—Pentasoft, Quark, Raymond’s, Sunmet, Trump & Gates and Udupi, and each wears different coloured, company-sponsored shirts, viz., blue, green, pink, yellow, purple and red though not necessarily in the same order.
i. The one wearing the blue shirt works in Sunmet and the one wearing a green shirt works in Pentasoft.
ii. F does not work in Raymond’s or Trump and Gates.
iii. A wears pink shirt and works in Quark.
iv. D does not work in Trump & Gates and purple coloured shirt is not sponsored by Raymond’s.
v. E works in Udupi and neither D nor B works in Sunmet.
vi. Trump & Gates does not sponsor purple or yellow coloured shirts and C works in Pentasoft.

1. Which colour shirt is sponsored by Raymond’s?
a) Yellow
b) Blue
c) Pink
d) Cannot be determined

Answer: a
Explanation: The direct clues give you the following linkages—green – Pentasoft, Blue– Sunmet
A– Pink – Quark, E – Udupi, C – Pentasoft
Combining these clues will give you the following table:
At this point use Clue no. (ii) [about F]. This will give you that the correct pairing for Sunmet is with F. Also use Clue (iv) at this stage.
The table would evolve to:
Now using Clue (vi), you will get that Trump & Gates is red and since purple is not with Raymonds, the final table will be
Yellow. Option (a)

2. Which pair is correctly matched?
a) Red–Raymond’s–A
b) Red–Trump & Gates–B
c) Green–Raymond’s–C
d) None of these

Answer: b
Explanation: The answer is Red–Trump & Gates–B. Option (b) is correct (Refer explanation of Question 1)

3. Which of the following is true?
a) Udupi sponsors green shirts.
b) D is working in Trump & Gates.
c) E wears red shirt.
d) Red shirt is sponsored by Trump & Gates.

Answer: d
Explanation: Red shirt is sponsored by Trump & Gates. Option (d) is correct (Refer explanation of Question 1)

4. What is the sequence of companies representing A, B, C, D, E and F?
a) Quark, Pentasoft, Trump & Gates, Raymond’s, Udupi, Sunmet
b) Quark, Trump & Gates, Pentasoft, Raymond’s, Udupi, Sunmet
c) Quark, Pentasoft, Trump & Gates, Sunmet, Udupi, Raymond’s
d) None of these

Answer: c
Explanation: Quark, Pentasoft, Trump & Gates, Sunmet, Udupi, Raymond’s. Option (c) is correct (Refer explanation of Question 1)

5. If Raymond’s and Sunmet decide to interchange the colours of sponsored shirts, then which two persons will have to interchange their shirts?
a) D and F
b) A and C
c) D and E
d) B and D

Answer: a
Explanation: The answer is D and F. Option (a) is correct (Refer explanation of Question 1)

Data for Questions 6 to 8 : (i) Five friends Amar, Kapil, Sarvesh, Rohan, and Nagesh wear trousers of different colours—red, yellow, blue, white and green (not necessarily in this order).
(ii) Each one of them has different likings, viz., reading, playing, travelling, singing and writing.
(iii) Kapil, who has a liking for singing does not wear yellow trousers. Sarvesh wears red trousers and does not like reading or writing. Nagesh likes to play and does not wear blue or yellow trousers. Amar has liking for writing and Rohan does not wear yellow or green trousers

6. What is the colour of Kapil’s trousers?
a) White
b) Blue
c) Green
d) Data inadequate

Answer: d
Explanation: Reaction Tracker
At this stage, combining Statements 1, 2, 3 and 4 of Clue (iii) you will get the following table:
* Since Sarvesh does not read, Rohan must like reading and Sarvesh must like travelling.
# Amar must be yellow, since Kapil, Rohan and Nagesh are not yellow.
Further we are not able to define the exact colours of Kapil, (who can be blue/white or green), Rohan (blue or white) or Nagesh (white/green). Hence the above table is the final one. Thus, Kapil’s trouser colours cannot be answered. (Question 6) Sarvesh likes travel (Question 7) and Amar–yellow–write is the correct combination
Option (d) is correct.

7. What is the liking of Sarvesh?
a) Writing
b) Travelling
c) Reading
d) Data inadequate

Answer: b
Explanation: The answer is travelling. Option (b) is correct (Refer explanation of Question 6)

8. Which of the following combinations of person–colour-liking is correct?
a) Rohan-Blue-Reading
b) Nagesh-White-Playing
c) Amar-Yellow-Writing
d) None of these

Answer: c
Explanation: Amar-Yellow-Writing. Option (c) is correct (Refer explanation of Question 6)

Data for Questions 9 to 11 : i. Five students—Sujit, Randhir, Neena, Mihir, and Vinay have total five books on subjects—Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology and English written by authors Gupta, Khanna, Harish,Sharma and Edwin. Each student has only one book on one of the five subjects.
ii. Gupta is the author of the Physics book which is not owned by Vinay or Sujit. Mihir owns the book written by Edwin.
iii. Neena owns the Maths book. Vinay has the English book which is not written by Khanna. The Biology book is written by Sharma.

9.Which of the following is the correct combination of subject-student and author?
a) Maths–Neena–Harish
b) Physics–Mihir–Gupta
c) English–Vinay–Edwin
d) Biology–Sujit–Sharma

Answer: d
On the basis of the reaction to Clue (ii) and (iii) as shown above, you should realise that the maximum numbers of direct links are between the author and the subject. Hence, your solution table should first give a structural placement of authors and subjects. When you do so, the following table shall emerge
Reacting to the above the table, you will immediately see that Edwin must be Chemistry. Further using Sentence (ii) of Clue (iii) you will get that since Vinay is not using a book authored by Khanna, he must be using Harish and consequently Khanna must have authored Maths.
We also know from Clue (ii), Sentence 1 that Gupta and Physics is not owned by Vinay or Sujit. Hence, Sujit must be Biology and Randhir must be Physics. The final table then becomes:
Biology–Sujit–Sharma. Option (d) is correct

10.The Chemistry book has been penned by whom?
a) Gupta
b) Edwin
c) Harish
d) Data inadequte

Answer: b
Explanation: Edwin. Option (b) is correct (Refer explanation of Question 9)

11. Who is the owner of the book written by Harish?
a) Randhir
b) Vinay
c) Sujit
d) Mihir

Answer: b
Explanation: Vinay. Option (b) is correct (Refer explanation of Question 9)