Team Formation Questions and Answers Part-3

1. Eight people carrying food baskets are going for a picnic on motorcycles. Their names are A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H. They have four motorcycles Ml, M2, M3 and M4 among them. They also have four food baskets O, P, Q and R of different sizes and shapes and each can be carried only on motorcycles Ml, M2, M3, or M4 respectively. No more than two persons can travel on a motorcycle and no more than one basket can be carried on a motorcycle. There are two husband-wife pairs in this group of eight people and each pair will ride on a motorcycle together. C cannot travel with A or B. E cannot travel with B or F. G cannot travel with F, H or D. The husband-wife pairs must carry baskets O and P. Q is with A and P is with D. F travels on Ml and E travels on M2 motorcycles. G is with Q, and B cannot go with R.
Who is travelling with H?
a) A
b) B
c) C
d) D

Answer: c
Explanation: Option (c) is correct

2. In a “keep-fit” gymnasium class there are fifteen females enrolled in a weight-loss programme. They all have been grouped in any one of the five weight-groups—Wl , W2, W3, W4 or W5. One instructor is assigned to one weight-group only. Sonali, Shalini, Shubhra and Shahira belong to the same weight-group. Sonali and Rupa are in one weight-group. Rupalo and Renuka are also in one weight-group. Rupa, Radha, Renuka, Ruchika and Ritu belong to different weight-groups. Somya cannot be with Ritu, and Tara cannot be with Radha. Komal cannot be with Radha, Somya or Ritu. Shahira is in W1 and Somya is in W4 with Ruchika. Sweta and Jyotika cannot be with Rupali, but are in a weight-group with total membership of four. No weight-group can have more than five or less than one member. Amita, Babita, Chandrika, Deepika and Elina are instructors of weight-groups with membership sizes 5,4,3,2 and 1, respectively. Who is the instructor of Radha?
a) Babita
b) Elina
c) Chandrika
d) Deepika

Answer: b
Explanation: Option (b) is correct

3. A King enjoys unflinching loyalty from eight of his ministers M1 to M8, but he has to select only four to make a cabinet committee. He decides to choose these four such that each selected person shares a liking with at least one of the other three selected. The selected person must also hate at least one of the likings of any of the other three persons selected.
(i) M1 likes fishing and smoking, but hates gambling;
(ii) M2 likes smoking and drinking, but hates fishing;
(iii) M3 likes gambling, but hates smoking;
(iv) M4 likes mountaineering, but hates drinking;
(v) M5 likes drinking, but hates smoking and mountaineering;
(vi) M6 likes fishing, but hates smoking and mountaineering;
(vii) M7 likes gambling and mountaineering, but hates fishing; and
(viii) M8 likes smoking and gambling, but hates mountaineering;
Who are the four people selected by the King?
a) M1, M2, M5, M6
b) M3, M4, M5, M6
c) M4, M5, M6, M8
d) M1, M2, M4, M7

Answer: d
Explanation: Option (d) is correct

Data for Questions 4 to 6 : A group of three or four has to be selected from seven persons. Among the seven there are two women—Fiza. and Kavita, and five men—Ram, Shyam, David, Peter and Rahim. Ram would not like to be in the group if Shyam is also selected. Shyam and Rahim want to be selected together in the group. Kavita would like to be in the group only if David is also there. David, if selected, would not like Peter in the group. Ram wouldlike to be in the group only if Peter is also there. David insists that Fiza be selected in case he is there in the group.

4.Which of the following is a feasible group of three?
a) David, Ram, Rahim
b) Peter, Shyam, Rahim
c) Kavita, David, Shyam
d) Fiza, David, Ram

Answer: b
Explanation: Option (b) is correct

5. Which of the following is a feasible group of four?
a) Ram, Peter, Fiza, Rahim
b) Shyam, Rahim, Kavita, David
c) Shyam, Rahim, Fiza, David
d) Fiza, David, Ram, Peter.

Answer: c
Explanation: Option (c) is correct

6. Which of the following statements is true?
a) Kavita and Ram can be part of a group of four.
b) A group of four can have two women.
c) A group of four can have all four men.
d) None of the above.

Answer: d
Explanation: Option (d) is correct

Data for Questions 7 & 8 : At a secret location in Nevada, a science lab exists where four research projects ROC-I, ROC-II, ROC-III and ROC-IV are underway. The projects are assigned difficulty level L1 or L2 or L3. A tota of six researchers who are given code names in order to protect their identity are—Ax, Bx, Cx, Dx, Ex and Fx—are chosen for working on the projects with the provision that for the project of difficultylevel L1 only one research associate will be engaged while for the other projects two researchers will be engaged. There are, however, some constraints to be overcome before allotting the work.
A. Ax, Bx and Dx do not work with each other.
B. Projects ROC-II and ROC-III are of difficulty level L2 /L3 . Remaining projects are of L1 level.
C. Ex cannot work with anyone else.
D. Cx and Dx cannot work together.
E. Fx can work either with Dx or Cx only.
F. Fx cannot be engaged in L3 level projects.
G. Ax and Cx cannot work together

7. Researcher Ax can be allotted which of the following projects?
a) ROC-I or ROC-II but not ROC-III
b) ROC-II or ROC-III but not ROC-IV
c) ROC-III or ROC-IV but not ROC-I
d) ROC-IV or ROC-I but not ROC-II

Answer: d
Explanation: The first clue given to us is that L1 difficulty projects will have single researchers and other difficulty level will have two researchers. Now it is given that ROC II and ROC III are L2 and L3 respectively. Thus, ROC I and ROC IV are L1 level. Direct clues given to us point that Ex can be assigned only L1 projects which are ROC I andROC IV. Next set of clues given to us says that Ax cannot work with Bx, Cx, Dx and Fx. Thus, Ax will also be assigned to project requiring a single researcher hence either ROC I or ROC IV. Now,since Fx cannot be assigned to L3 level so he must have been assigned to ROC II and he can work with either Dx or Cx, but Fx will work with Dx since Bx cannot work with Dx. Now Bx will beassigned to the remaining L3 project i.e. ROC III and Bx has the option of working with Cx.
Hence Option (d) is the correct answer

8. If researcher Fx is engaged neither for ROC-I nor for ROC-II, and it is also known that Bx works in Project III, then assignments for how many of the six researchers can be decided?
a) 2
b) 4
c) 3
d) All

Answer: c
Explanation: If Fx can neither work in ROC I and ROC II then we become uncertain about the project assignment for each of Ax, Ex and Fx. Hence, Option (c) is the correct answer

Data for Questions 9 & 10 : If Mayank goes to Singapore he makes Neha or Omar (but not both of them) also to go to Singapore.Ravi goes to Singapore only if Omar goes. Pawan goes to Singapore if Neha or Omar goes. Shawngoes to Singapore only if Neha goes. Varun goes to Singapore only if Ravi or Shawn goes. If Pawan goes to Singapore, he makes Tanvi or Unni or both to accompany him. Tanvi goes to Singapore if Shawn goes. Unni goes to Singapore only if Ravi goes.

9. If Mayank has gone to Singapore, who of the following may have also gone to Singapore?
A. Ravi and Unni
B. Shawn and Tanvi
C. Pawan
a) A, B and C
b) A and C or B and C but not both
c) A only
d) B only

Answer: b
Explanation: Let us form a tree since there are separate events related to going of Neha and Omar with Mayank . There will be two scenarios that we need to analyse which is graspable from the very first line of the information given, i.e., if Mayank goes to Singapore he takes with him either Neha or Omar.
i) If Neha goes then Pawan goes. Shawn will go with Neha only. Tanvi will go if Pawan goes and same condition goes for Varun who goes to Singapore if Shawn accompanies him.
ii) If Omar goes then Ravi goes with him, and Pawan also will go with Omar. Varun will accompany Ravi and Unni will accompany Pawan.
Hence, Option (b) is the correct answer

10. If Varun has gone to Singapore, who of the following must have also gone?
a) Both Ravi and Shawn
b) Both Neha and Omar
c) Either Omar or Neha
d) Ravi

Answer: c
Explanation: Look at the trees, Varun goes due to either Neha and Omar who go with either Shawn or Ravi. Hence, Option (c) is the correct answer.