Team Formation Questions and Answers Part-1

Data for Questions 1 to 3 : i. A guest house has 6 rooms A, B, C, D, E, and F. Among these A and C can accommodate two persons each; the rest can accommodate only one each.
ii. Eight guests P, Q, R, S, T, U, W and X are to be kept in these rooms. Q, T and X are females while the rest are males. The two sexes can’t be put together in the same room. No man is willing to stay in room C or F.
iii. P wants to be alone but does not want to stay in rooms B or D. S needs a partner but is not ready to stay with U or W. X does not want to share her room.

1.Who among the following will stay in room E?
a) U
b) W
c) P
d) Data inadequate

Answer: c
Explanation: Initial information:
A (2)
B (1)
C (2)
D (1)
E (1)
F (1)
Also, P, \[\underline{Q}\] , R, S, \[\underline{T}\] , U, W, \[\underline{X}\] (Underlined shows female). From Clue 2, Room C (2 people) and RoomF (1 person) should be women’s rooms as men cannot be placed there. From Clue 3—P must be in E, S must be in A (where U and W cannot be). Thus S must be sharing his room with R. Also U and W must be in some random order in Rooms B or D. Also, X must be in Room F as she is a female and wants a single room. Collating all this we get:
A (2) S, R
B (1)
C (2) Q, T
D (1)
E (1) P
F (1) X
Hence, the answer is P . Option (c) is correct

2. In which of the following rooms will U stay?
a) B
b) D
c) A
d) B or D

Answer: d
Explanation: The answer is B or D. Option (d) is correct (Refer explanation of Question 1)

3. X will stay in which of the following rooms?
a) C
b) F
c) B
d) Data inadequate

Answer: b
Explanation: The answer is F. Option (b) is correct (Refer explanation of Question 1)

Data for Questions 4 to 8 : i. M, N, P, Q, S, and T are six members of a group in which there are three female members. Females work in three departments – Accounts, Administration and Personnel, and sit on three different floors – Ist , IInd , IIIrd . Persons working in the same department are not on the same floor. Two persons work on each floor.
ii. No two females work in the same department or on the same floor. N and S work in the same department but not in Personnel. Q works in Administration. S and M are on the Ist and IIIrd floors respectively and work in the same department. Q, a female, does not work on the IIndfloor, P, a male, works on Ist floor.

4. Which of the following groups of persons are females?
a) SQT
b) QMT
c) QPT
d) Data inadequate

Answer: a
Explanation: From the first clue we know that:
Six people M, N, P, Q, S & T
3 departments for females: Accounts, Admin and Personnel.
3 floors (2 people each)
Using the direct information in clue 2 we get:
Note: (– Denotes Female and + denotes male)
Since P is a male (denoted by ‘+’ in the figure) S must be a female (Since no two females work in the same department or on the same floor).
If S is female, M must be male (since they are in the same department).
Also, since N and S are in the same department, N is also a male. This gives us the final figures us:
Also, S, M and N work in either Accounts or Administration. Q—Administration
Hence, the answer is S,Q,T. Option (a) is correct

5. Which of the following pairs of persons work in Administration?
a) QP
b) QN
c) SP
d) Data inadequate

Answer: d
Explanation: Data is inadequate since we just know that Q works in Admin, but we do not know who else works in Admin (and whether someone works in Admin or not). Hence (d).

6. T works in which department?
a) Accounts
b) Administration
c) Personnel
d) Accounts or Personnel

Answer: c
Explanation: Since Q is in Admin, S must be in accounts (as she cannot be in personnel). Thus, T is in Personnel. Hence (c)

7. Which of the following pairs work on the IInd floor?
a) PT
b) SM
c) QN
d) NT

Answer: d
Explanation: The answer is N,T. Option (d) is correct (Refer explanation of Question 4)

8. If T is transferred to Accounts and S is transferred to Administration, who is to be transferred to Personnel to maintain the original distribution of females on each floor?
a) P
b) N
c) Q
d) Data inadequate

Answer: c
Explanation: Q needs to move to Personnel to have the three women in three different departments.