Percentage, Profit and Loss Questions and Answers Part-1

1. The number of votes not cast for the Praja Party increased by 25% in the National General Elections over those not cast for it in the previous Assembly Polls, and the Praja Party lost by a majority twice as large as that by which it had won the Assembly Polls. If a total of 2,60,000 people voted each time, how many voted for the Praja Party in the Assembly Elections?
a) 1,10,000
b) 1,50,000
c) 1,40,000
d) 1,20,000

Answer: c

2. A dealer offers a cash discount of 20% and still makes a profit of 20%, when he further allows 16 articles to a dozen to a particularly sticky bargainer. How much per cent above the cost price were his wares listed?
a) 100%
b) 80%
c) 75%
d) 66 2/3%

Answer: a

3.Last week Martin received $10 in commission for selling 100 copies of a magazine. Last week Miguiel sold 100 copies of this magazine. He received his salary of $ 5 per week plus a commission of 2 cents for each of the first 25 copies sold, 3 cents for each of next 25 copies sold and 4 cents for each copy thereafter. ($1 = 100 cents)
I. Martin’s commission in the last week
II. Miguiel’s total income for last week
a) I > II
b) I < II
c) I = II
d) Nothing can be said

Answer: a

4. A person who has a certain amount with him goes to the market. He can buy 50 oranges or 40 mangoes. He retains 10% of the amount as taxi fare and buys 20 mangoes and of the balance he purchases oranges. Number of oranges he can purchase is
a) 36
b) 40
c) 15
d) 20

Answer: d

5. Ram purchased a flat at Rs 1 lakh and Prem purchase a plot of land worth Rs 1.1 lakh. The respective annual rates at which the prices of the falt and the plot increased were 10 % and 5%. After two years they exchanged their belongings and one paid the other the difference. Then...
a) Ram paid Rs 275 to Prem
b) Ram paid Rs 475 to Prem
c) Ram paid Rs 2750 to Prem
d) Prem paid Rs Rs 475 to Ram

Answer: a

6. The rate of inflation was 1000%. Then, what will be cost of an article, which costs 6 units of currency now, two years from now?
a) 666
b) 660
c) 720
d) 726

Answer: d

7. A man invests Rs 3000 at a rate of 5% per annum. How much more should he invest at a rate of 8%, so that he can earn a total of 6% per annum ?
a) Rs 1200
b) Rs 1300
c) Rs 1500
d) Rs 2000

Answer: c

8.2/5 of the voters promise to vote for P and the rest promised to vote for Q. Of these, on the last day 15% of the voters went back of their promise to vote for P and 25% of voters went back of their promise to vote for Q and P lost by 2 votes. Then the total number of voters is
a) 100
b) 110
c) 90
d) 96

Answer: a

9. I sold two watches for Rs 300 each, one at a loss of 10% and the other at a profit of 10%. What is the per cent loss (–) or the per cent profit (+) that resulted from the transaction ?
a) (+) 10
b) (–) 1
c) (+) 1
d) 0

Answer: b

10. The price of a Maruti Car rises by 30% while the sales of the car come down by 20%. What is the per cent change in the total revenue?
a) -4
b) -2
c) +4
d) +2

Answer: c