Antonyms Questions and Answers Part-2

1. Malicious :
a) Kind
b) Clever
c) Cruel
d) Foolish

Answer: a
Explanation: Malicious means hateful, spiteful. So, its antonym is kind.

2. Indiscreet :
a) Permanent
b) Unique
c) Prudent
d) Popular

Answer: c
Explanation: Indiscreet means careless, imprudent, etc. So, its antonym is prudent means careful, sensible, etc.

3. Comfort :
a) Miscomfort
b) Uncomfort
c) Discomfort
d) None of the above

Answer: c
Explanation: Comfort means ease. So its antonym is discomfort which means uneasiness or distress.

4. Hostile :
a) Generous
b) Cruel
c) Powerful
d) Friendly

Answer: d
Explanation: Hostile means aggressive, unfriendly, etc. So, its antonym is friendly.

5. Pertinent :
a) Irregular
b) Irreversible
c) Irrelevant
d) None of the above

Answer: c
Explanation: Pertinent means relevant, related, etc. So, its antonym is irrelevant.

6. Victory :
a) Courage
b) Defeat
c) Dark
d) Expert

Answer: b
Explanation: A victory means triumph, win, etc. So, its antonym is defeat.

7. Hapless :
a) Fortunate
b) Famous
c) Courageous
d) Notorious

Answer: a
Explanation: Hapless means unlucky, unfortunate, etc. So, its antonym is fortunate.

8. Tangible :
a) Actual
b) Solid
c) Intangible
d) Liquid

Answer: c
Explanation: Tangible means touchable, physical, etc. Intangible means non-physical, untouchable, etc.

9. Gregarious :
a) Antisocial
b) Selfish
c) Similar
d) Glamour

Answer: a
Explanation: Gregarious means sociable, outgoing, etc. So, its antonym is antisocial.

10. Sacrosanct :
a) Irregular
b) Responsible
c) Unholy
d) Unethical

Answer: c
Explanation: Sacrosanct means sacred, holy, etc. So, its antonym is unholy.