Advanced Machining Process Questions and Answers Part-1

1. In traditional machining, which component is made of a relatively harder material?
a) Tool
b) Workpiece
c) Holding device
d) None of the mentioned

Answer: a
Explanation: Tool should be harder than workpiece in order to cut the workpiece according to the required geometry.

2. For machining to take place, tool should be penetrated into work piece to a certain _____________
a) Height
b) Depth
c) Length
d) Width

Answer: b
Explanation: Chips are removed only when certain depth is given.

3. Which motion is responsible to determine the geometry of jobs to be machined?
a) Only Motion of tool
b) Only motion of work piece
c) Relative motion between tool and work piece
d) None of the mentioned

Answer: c
Explanation: Relative motion between the above mentioned components are required for machining.

4.Turning is done on which type of surfaces?
a) Flat surfaces
b) Cylindrical surfaces
c) Irregular surfaces
d) Spherical surfaces

Answer: b
Explanation: Turning is generally used to produce cylindrical surfaces

5. Shaping and Milling are used to generate which one of the following?
a) Cylindrical surfaces
b) Flat surfaces
c) Irregular surfaces
d) Spherical surfaces

Answer: b
Explanation: They are used for generation of flat surfaces.

6. Drilling is used to produce which type of geometry?
a) Slots
b) Holes
c) Profiles
d) Keyways

Answer: b
Explanation: Drilling is one of the processes which are used to produce holes.

7. As the temperature increases, what happens to material’s strength?
a) increases
b) decreases
c) increases and then decreases
d) remains same

Answer: b
Explanation: As the temperature increases, materials lose their strength.

8. As the temperature is increased, ductility is ___________
a) increased
b) decreased
c) increased and then decreased
d) remains same

Answer: a
Explanation: As temperature increases, ductility of material is also increases

9. In abrasive machining __________ are used to form the tool.
a) iron particles
b) grains and grits
c) steel alloy particles
d) aluminium particles

Answer: b
Explanation: Grains are used as abrasive particles.

10. Abrasive machining is used when __________ is needed.
a) Cutting
b) Roughing
c) Finishing
d) Drilling

Answer: c
Explanation: Grains are used for finishing.