Chemical Technology Questions and Answers Part-1

1. Which of the mentioned symbol is used to represent Bauxite?
a) Bx
b) Bt
c) Ba
d) Bu

Answer: a
Explanation: Bauxite is represented by Bx.

2. India is a world’s major producer of which of the mentioned raw material?
a) Copper
b) Manganese
c) Mica
d) Bauxite

Answer: c
Explanation: India is the world’s major producer of mica, supplying 80% of the world output.

3. Which of the mentioned symbol is used to represent Natural Gas?
a) NG
b) NL
c) NA
d) NT

Answer: a
Explanation: Natural Gas is represented using the symbol NG.

4. Which of the mentioned is a principal mineral asset to India?
a) Rare Earths
b) Coal
c) Zinc
d) All of the mentioned

Answer: b
Explanation: India’s coal reserves are estimated at over 40 billion tons.

5. Identify the organic chemical from the mentioned?
a) Aluminates
b) Silicates
c) Sulphur
d) Benzene

Answer: d
Explanation: Benzene’s chemical formula is C6H6, which help us, identify it as organic chemical whereas the rest are inorganic, as they don’t posses Carbon, Oxygen, Hydrogen as chief constituents.

6. Which symbol is used to represent Fertilizer?
a) Fl
b) Fz
c) Fe
d) Fr

Answer: b
Explanation: Fz is the symbol used to represent Fertilizer.

7. Which of the mentioned raw material does India lack in adequate quantity?
a) Manganese
b) Mica
c) Petroleum
d) Iron ore

Answer: c
Explanation: The total demand for petroleum products is projected to be 55 million tons by the end of 7th plan and expected to increase to 90 million tons, whereas the production level is 20 million tons.

8. Which of the mentioned symbol is used to represent Cement plants?
a) Cep
b) Cmp
c) Cmt
d) Cem

Answer: d
Explanation: Cement plants are represented by the symbol Cem.

9. What is India’s contribution to Iron ore reserves of total world?
a) 10%
b) 30%
c) 5%
d) 20%

Answer: c
Explanation: Iron ore reserves are estimated about 20 billion tons or 5% of the total world reserves.

10. How many minerals are extracted approximately in our country from 4000 mines?
a) 58
b) 70
c) 60
d) 80

Answer: a
Explanation: The country’s mining operation will extract nearly 58 minerals from 4000 mines.