Pulp and Paper Questions and Answers Part-1

1. What is the percentage, bark comprises of in a tree stem?
a) 10% – 20%
b) 30% – 40%
c) 41% – 62%
d) 7% – 30%

Answer: a
Explanation: Because of complex analogy and chemistry, this percentage is the most observed in most of the species.

2. What are some high level non-process elements which interfere in the recovery process
a) Carbon Dioxide and Oxygen
b) Lead and Other Impurities
c) Silica and Calcium
d) Silicate and Copper

Answer: c
Explanation: These are the impurities which gets added while the extraction

3. Whole tree ___ in the forest requires cleaning before pulping to remove dirt.
a) FlippinG
b) Burning
c) Cutting
d) Chipping

Answer: d
Explanation: This practice will become important in future as it gives higher yield to remove needles, leaves, twigs, etc.

4. What does the outer bark contain?
a) Suberin
b) Hardwood
c) Wood Pole Conference
d) Pith

Answer: a
Explanation: These are the Polyesters of dicarboxylic acids with C 16 to C 24 structures and bifunctional alcohol among molecules.

5. What is the specific gravity of the bark in usual cases?
a) 0.90 – 1.45
b) 0.40 – 0.65
c) 0.45 – 0.90
d) 1.24 – 2.00

Answer: b
Explanation: This is of mature bark. This value of ‘g’ is used in calculations.

6. Where is Sapwood located in the structure of softwood stem?
a) Below Inner Bark
b) Below Outer Bark
c) Below Wood Ray Heartwood
d) Above Pith

Answer: a
Explanation: It contains the living cells, so it is situated near the outer part.

7. What type of trees are also called deciduous?
a) Softwood
b) Hardwood
c) Lightwood
d) Heavywood

Answer: b
Explanation: These trees lose their leaves in winter. These have complex structure including vessel elements, fiber tracheids, rays cells and etc.

8.What are openings on the radial surface known as??
a) Pits
b) Pith
c) Reaction Wood
d) Mitochondria

Answer: a
Explanation: They allow the movement of liquids up and down the tree. This also depends on the length of the tree.

9. What is solid wood density, practically?
a) Specific gravity of wood x Density of water
b) Specific gravity of pulp x Density of water
c) Specific gravity of paper x Density of water
d) Specific gravity of impurity x Density of Liquid

Answer: a
Explanation: This is the specific density value used in manufacturing unit.

10. What are some important pulping variables of wood and wood chip
a) Bark content
b) Spring wood
c) Summer wood
d) Autumn wood

Answer: a
Explanation: Mills recovering extractives use FIFO to obtain high terpene recoveries.