Highway Engineering Questions and Answers - Planning Surveys and Interpretation

1. Planning is based on _______________
a) Factual data
b) Analysis
c) Scientific data
d) Factual data and analysis

Answer: d
Explanation: Planning based on factual data and analysis may be considered scientific and sound.

2. The planning survey consists of how many numbers of studies?
a) One
b) Two
c) Three
d) Four

Answer: d
Explanation: The planning survey consists of the four studies namely
Economic studies
Financial studies
Traffic studies
Engineering studies.

3. The estimates are studied in which type of studies?
a) Economic studies
b) Financial studies
c) Traffic studies
d) Engineering studies

Answer: a
Explanation: The details to be collected during economic studies are useful in estimating the requirements, cost involved in the project and economic justification.

4. The revenue from road transport sector is studied in which type of studies?
a) Economic
b) Financial
c) Traffic
d) Engineering

Answer: b
Explanation: The sources of income, excise duty, registration charges and tax all are studied in financial studies only.

5. The accident cost analysis is estimated by conducting ______________
a) Origin and destination
b) Traffic survey
c) Transportation facilities
d) Geometric design

Answer: b
Explanation: The accident cost analysis, trends in road accidents and facilities all are estimated by conducting traffic survey, origin and destination studies are for trips and geometry for the facility.

6. The topographic survey is conducted to estimate which of the following characteristics?
a) Engineering
b) Traffic
c) Financial
d) Soil

Answer: a
Explanation: The engineering studies are conducted to assess topography, soil, location and classification of existing roads and other developments.

7. The master plan may not be prepared for ______________
a) Village
b) City
c) State
d) Country

Answer: a
Explanation: The master plan is prepared after interpretation of small plans in different phases. It may be prepared for a city, district, state or even country.

8. The determination of optimum length is based on ______________
a) Saturation system
b) Geometric design
c) Type of highway
d) Length of highway

Answer: a
Explanation: The determination of optimum length is based on the saturation system based on U.S system of highway planning.

9. The final step after fixing the optimum length of the road is?
a) Financing
b) Construction
c) Phasing
d) Preparation of master plan

Answer: c
Explanation: The final step after fixing the optimum length is phasing of the road program before the construction, after financing and master plan the construction is under taken.

10. The utility unit as per saturation system for a population of less 1001 to 2000 is?
a) 0.25
b) 0.50
c) 1.00
d) 2.00

Answer: c
Explanation: The utility unit is a factor that is used to decide the priority given to the users for optimum utilization of road and it is 1.00 for a population of 1001-2000, it increases based on the population.