Computer Architecture Questions and Answers Part-2

1. The I/O interface required to connect the I/O device to the bus consists of ______
a) Address decoder and registers
b) Control circuits
c) Address decoder, registers and Control circuits
d) Only Control circuits

Answer: c
Explanation: The I/O devices are connected to the CPU via BUS and to interact with the BUS they have an interface.

2. To reduce the memory access time we generally make use of ______
a) Heaps
b) Higher capacity RAM’s
c) SDRAM’s
d) Cache’s

Answer: d
Explanation: The time required to access a part of the memory for data retrieval.

3. ______ is generally used to increase the apparent size of physical memory.
a) Secondary memory
b) Virtual memory
c) Hard-disk
d) Disks

Answer: b
Explanation: Virtual memory is like an extension to the existing memory.

4. MFC stands for ___________
a) Memory Format Caches
b) Memory Function Complete
c) Memory Find Command
d) Mass Format Command

Answer: b
Explanation: This is a system command enabled when a memory function is completed by a process.

5. The time delay between two successive initiations of memory operation _______
a) Memory access time
b) Memory search time
c) Memory cycle time
d) Instruction delay

Answer: c
Explanation: The time is taken to finish one task and to start another.

6. The decoded instruction is stored in ______
a) IR
b) PC
c) Registers
d) MDR

Answer: a
Explanation: The instruction after obtained from the PC, is decoded and operands are fetched and stored in the IR.

7. The instruction -> Add LOCA, R0 does _______
a) Adds the value of LOCA to R0 and stores in the temp register
b) Adds the value of R0 to the address of LOCA
c) Adds the values of both LOCA and R0 and stores it in R0
d) Adds the value of LOCA with a value in accumulator and stores it in R0

Answer: c
Explanation: Adds the values of both LOCA and R0 and stores it in R0

8. Which registers can interact with the secondary storage?
a) MAR
b) PC
c) IR
d) R0

Answer: a
Explanation: MAR can interact with secondary storage in order to fetch data from it.

9. During the execution of a program which gets initialized first?
a) MDR
b) IR
c) PC
d) MAR

Answer: c
Explanation: For the execution of a process first the instruction is placed in the PC.

10. Which of the registers of the processor is/are connected to Memory Bus?
a) PC
b) MAR
c) IR
d) Both PC and MAR

Answer: b
Explanation: MAR is connected to the memory BUS in order to access the memory.