Highway Engineering Questions and Answers - Preparation of Detailed Project Report

1. The DPR consists of how many components?
a) One
b) Two
c) Three
d) Four

Answer: c
Explanation: The DPR consists of report, estimate and drawing making it three components.

2. The first step in the detail checklist of DPR is ___________
a) Executive summary
b) Background
c) Roadway features
d) General details of the project

Answer: a
Explanation: The executive summary is the details that are prepared after the field work in the site has been completed.

3. The name of the work and project details is managed under which category of DPR?
a) Executive summary
b) Background
c) Roadway details
d) General details

Answer: b
Explanation: In the background of the project name, scope of service, data source, importance and economics of the project are managed.

4. The roadway features include the study of ___________
a) Accidental analysis
b) Geometric design
c) Route alignment
d) Safety

Answer: c
Explanation: The roadway features are studied for route selection, route alignment, environmental factors, cross section elements, traffic studies.

5. The final step in the specifications and design of roadway elements is ___________
a) Specifications
b) Design elements
c) Geometric design
d) Safety and audit of the design elements

Answer: d
Explanation: After all the design requirements are calculated and if they are finalized the last step is to check the safety of the design elements.

6. Which of the following is not a structure constructed for drainage purposes?
a) Aqueduct
b) Syphon aqueduct
c) Level crossing
d) Pitot tube

Answer: d
Explanation: A pitot tube is an instrument which is used to measure the velocity of water in rivers and streams.

7. The strength of the materials can be checked by ___________
a) Visual inspection
b) Quality control
c) By asking the manufacturer
d) By referring to various codes

Answer: b
Explanation: The materials should always be tested in a laboratory for accurate and exact results quality check should always be conducted.

8. For small projects which type of method is used for the calculation of project time?
a) Milestone chart
b) Bar chart
d) CPM

Answer: b
Explanation: For small projects, the completion time may be evaluated by bar chart, milestone chart may be used when all the critical activities are required.

9. Which of the following is prepared first during estimate?
a) Schedule of rates
b) Rate analysis
c) Detailed cost estimate
d) Detailed project

Answer: a
Explanation: The first step in the preparation of estimates is a schedule of rates followed by rate analysis and detailed cost estimate.

10. The site amenities are covered under which of the items of DPR?
a) Background
b) Abstract
c) Miscellaneous
d) Estimate

Answer: c
Explanation: The site amenities, diversion of roads, road side plantation and other facilities are covered under miscellaneous items, background and abstract are the important aspects, estimate are also very important.