Cyber Security Questions and Answers Part-3

1. Suicide Hackers are those _________
a) who break a system for some specific purpose with or without keeping in mind that they may suffer long term imprisonment due to their malicious activity
b) individuals with no knowledge of codes but an expert in using hacking tools
c) who know the consequences of their hacking activities and hence try to prevent them by erasing their digital footprints
d) who are employed in an organization to do malicious activities on other firms

Answer: a
Explanation: Suicide hackers are those who break into any network or system with or without knowing the consequences of the cyber crime and its penalty. There are some suicide hackers who intentionally do crimes and get caught to bring their names in the headlines.

2. Criminal minded individuals who work for terrorist organizations and steal information of nations and other secret intelligence are _________
a) State sponsored hackers
b) Blue Hat Hackers
c) Cyber Terrorists
d) Red Hat Hackers

Answer: c
Explanation: Cyber Terrorists are very expert programmers and cyber criminals who hide themselves while doing malicious activities over the internet and they are smart enough to hide themselves or their tracks of action. They are hired for gaining unauthorised access to nation’s data centres or break into the network of intelligence agencies.

3. One who disclose information to public of a company, organization, firm, government and private agency and he/she is the member or employee of that organization; such individuals are termed as ___________
a) Sponsored hackers
b) Crackers
c) Hactivist
d) Whistleblowers

Answer: d
Explanation: Whistleblowers are those individuals who is a member or an employee of any specific organization and is responsible for disclosing private information of those organizations, firms, either government or private.

4. These types of hackers are the most skilled hackers in the hackers’ community. Who are “they” referred to?
a) White hat Hackers
b) Elite Hackers
c) Licensed Penetration Testers
d) Red Hat Hackers

Answer: b
Explanation: The tag “Elite hackers” are considered amongst the most reputed hackers who possess most of the hacking and security skills. They are treated with utmost respect in the hackers’ community. Zero day vulnerabilities, serious hacking tools and newly introduced bugs are found and developed by them.

5. _________ are those individuals who maintain and handles IT security in any firm or organization.
a) IT Security Engineer
b) Cyber Security Interns
c) Software Security Specialist
d) Security Auditor

Answer: a
Explanation: This is an intermediary level of position of an individual in an organization or firm who builds and preserves different systems and its associated security tools of the firm of organization to which he/she belongs.

6. Role of security auditor is to ____________
a) secure the network
b) probe for safety and security of organization’s security components and systems
c) detects and prevents cyber attacks and threats to organization
d) does penetration testing on different web applications

Answer: b
Explanation: Security auditors are those who conduct auditing of various computer and network systems on an organization or company and reports the safety and security issues as well as helps in suggesting improvements or enhancements in any particular system that is threat prone.

7. _______ are senior level corporate employees who have the role and responsibilities of creating and designing secured network or security structures.
a) Ethical Hackers
b) Chief Technical Officer
c) IT Security Engineers
d) Security Architect

Answer: d
Explanation: Security architect are those senior grade employees of an organization who are in charge of building, designing, implementing and testing of secured network topologies, protocols as well as secured computers in an organization.

8. __________ security consultants uses database security monitoring & scanning tools to maintain security to different data residing in the database / servers / cloud.
a) Database
b) Network
c) System
d) Hardware

Answer: a
Explanation: Database Security consultants are specific individuals hired in order to monitor and scan the database systems and keep them secured from unwanted threats and attacks by giving access to restricted users, blocking unwanted files, multi-factor access control etc.

9. Governments hired some highly skilled hackers. These types of hackers are termed as _______
a) Special Hackers
b) Government Hackers
c) Cyber Intelligence Agents
d) Nation / State sponsored hackers

Answer: d
Explanation: Nation / State sponsored hackers are specific individuals who are employed or hired by the government of that nation or state and protect the nation from cyber terrorists and other groups or individuals and to reveal their plans, communications and actions.

10. Someone (from outside) who tests security issues for bugs before launching a system or application, and who is not a part of that organization or company are ______
a) Black Hat hacker
b) External penetration tester
c) Blue Hat hacker
d) White Hat Hacker

Answer: c
Explanation: Blue Hat Hackers are outsiders yet security testers who are temporarily hired for performing outsourced security test for bugs and vulnerabilities in any system before launching it to the market or making the application live.