Wireless & Mobile Communications Questions and Answers Part-1

1. Who introduced the paging system for the first time?
a) Teri Pall
b) Martin Cooper
c) Al Gross
d) Alexander Graham Bell

Answer: c
Explanation: AL Gross introduced the first paging system during world war in 1949.

2. Which type of transmission technique is employed by paging system?
a) Simulcasting
b) Hybrid
c) Multicasting
d) Unicasting

Answer: a
Explanation: Simulcast is a reliable technique used by paging system by transmitting the same paging signal from multiple paging transmitters at approximately equal times.

3. Which of the following is an example of local wireless system?
b) Cordless telephone system
d) GSM

Answer: b
Explanation: UMTS, EDGE and GSM covers worldwide area whereas cordless system has vey less coverage area.

4. Which of the following properties describes the transmitters and receivers in paging system?
a) Low complexity and low power transmitter, high complexity and high power receivers
b) High complexity and high power transmitter, high complexity and high power receivers
c) Low complexity and low power transmitter, low complexity and low power receivers
d) High complexity and high power transmitter, low complexity and low power receivers

Answer: d
Explanation: High power of transmitters helps paging signal to easily penetrate the building and low power receivers allow long usage time and light weight batteries.

5. Paging system uses which mode of transmission?
a) Half Duplex
b) Simplex
c) Duplex
d) Full duplex

Answer: b
Explanation: Simplex systems communicate in only one way. For the paging systems, messages received are not acknowledged and thus they use simplex mode of transmission.

6. What is a pager in the paging system?
a) A receiver
b) An equalizer
c) A transceiver
d) A transmitter

Answer: a
Explanation: A pager is a wireless device which receives the page, i.e. numeric, alphanumeric or voice message sent by the transmitter.

7. Which type of message cannot be sent with the help of paging system?
a) Voice message
b) Video message
c) Numeric message
d) Alphanumeric message

Answer: b
Explanation: The message sent by a paging system can be numeric, alphanumeric or voice depending upon the type of service.

8. Which of the following is not a standard used for paging system?
c) IS-95

Answer: c
Explanation: IS-95 is a standard used for cellular system which is based on code division multiple access (CDMA). POCSAG (Post Office Code Standard Advisory Group), ERMES (European Radio Messaging System) and FLEX are the protocols used in paging system.

9. The information sent by paging system is known as a ___________
a) Line
b) Note
c) Message
d) Page

Answer: d
Explanation: Page is concise information sent by a paging system to the subscribers of entire service area.

10. What is a paging access number?
a) A username
b) A registration number
c) A toll free telephone number
d) An email id

Answer: c
Explanation: Paging access number is a telephone number which is used to send the information to the subscriber.