Analogies Questions and Answers Part-1

1. Platform : Train
a) Aeroplane : Aerodrome
b) Hotel : Tourist
c) Quay : Ship
d) Footpath : Traveller

Answer: c
Explanation: Second is the place where first stops.

2. Train : Track
a) Water : Boat
b) Bullet : Barrel
c) Idea : Brain
d) Fame : Television

Answer: b
Explanation: As Train is guided by the track similarly Bullet is guided by the barrel.

3. Chalk : Blackboard
a) Type : Point
b) Table : Chair
c) Door : Handle
d) Ink : Paper

Answer: d
Explanation: As chalk is used to write on the blackboard similarly the Ink is used to write on the paper.

4. Rectangle : Pentagon
a) Side : Angle
b) Diagonal : Perimeter
c) Triangle : Rectangle
d) Circle : Square

Answer: c
Explanation: Second one had one more side than the first.

5. Thermometer : Temperature
a) Millimeter : Scale
b) Length : Breadth
c) Solar Energy
d) Cardiograph

Answer: d
Explanation: As temperature is measured from a thermometer in the same way heart rate is measured with cardiograph.

6. Basic, Pascal, Fortran
a) Cobol
b) Bhopal
c) Calculator
d) Cyclotron

Answer: a
Explanation: These are all the languages of computer.

7. Root, Stem, Branch
a) Fertilizer
b) Leaf
c) Tree
d) Wood

Answer: b
Explanation: All are the parts of tree.

8. Volleyball, Hockey, Football
a) Aquatics
b) Baseball
c) Athletes
d) Sports

Answer: b
Explanation: Baseball is like volleyball, Hockey and Football.

9. Wrestling, Karate, Boxing
a) Pole-vault
b) Swimming
c) Judo
d) Polo

Answer: c
Explanation: These are all defensive games.

10. Newspaper, Hoarding, Television
a) Press
b) Media
c) Rumor
d) Broadcast

Answer: d
Explanation: All these are used for broadcast.