Analogies Questions and Answers Part-6

1. Asthma : Lungs :: Conjunctivitis : ?
a) Bones
b) Teeth
c) Eyes
d) Blood

Answer: c
Explanation: As Asthma is a disease of Lungs similarly Conjunctivitis is a disease of Eyes.

2. Dismay : Joy :: Tend : ?
a) Regret
b) Ignore
c) Negligible
d) Spoil

Answer: b
Explanation: Dismay and Joy are opposite to each other same way Tend and Ignore are also opposite to each other.

3. Thermometer : Temperature :: Glucometer : ?
a) Body sugar
b) Body resistance
c) Blood
d) Blood sugar

Answer: d
Explanation: Thermometer is used to measure Temperature similarly Glucometer use to measure Blood sugar.

4. Communicable disease : Malaria :: Non-communicable disease : ?
a) Tuberculosis
b) Hepatitis
d) Cancer

Answer: d
Explanation: Cancer is non-communicable disease.

5. 6 : 36 :: 9 : ?
a) 81
b) 98
c) 42
d) 56

Answer: a
Explanation: 6*6 = 36.
9*9 = 81.

6. JLN : SQO :: PRT : ?
a) UYW
b) UTV
c) YWU
d) VUT

Answer: c
Explanation: In the first term one letter is missing between two consecutive letters in alphabetical order while in second term same is repeated but in reverse order.

7. ADE : FGJ :: KNO : ?
a) PQR
b) TPR
c) PQT
d) RQP

Answer: c
Explanation: In first term, Two letters are missing between first two letters while last two are continuous but in second term first two letters are continuous and two letters are missing between last two letters.

8. DGJ : KMO :: MPS : ?
a) TVX
b) WUS
c) XTV
d) XVT

Answer: a
Explanation: In first term, two letters are missing between each of the two letters while one letter is missing between each of the two letters.

9. ACE : HIL :: MOQ : ?
a) TVX
b) WUS
c) XVT
d) TUX

Answer: d
Explanation: ACE forms a sequence of alternate letters, while in HIL, the first two letters are consecutive and there is a gap of two letters between second and third letters? Similarly, MOQ forms a sequence of alternate letters.The group having properties similar to HIL is TUX.

10. (1/4) : (1/8) :: (1/3) : ?
a) 1/7
b) 1/4
c) 1/6
d) 1/2

Answer: c
Explanation: First term is double of second term. hence fourth term will be
= (1/3)*(1/2)
= 1/6