Analogies Questions and Answers Part-3

1. Arid, Parched, Droughty
a) Draft
b) Earth
c) Dry
d) Cow

Answer: c
Explanation: The synonym of arid, parched and droughty is dry.

2. Engine, Compartment, Wheels
a) Motor
b) Ship
c) Sea
d) Rail-line

Answer: d
Explanation: All these are related to train.

3. Carpenter, Plumber, Electrician
a) Doctor
b) Blacksmith
c) Professor
d) Lawyer

Answer: b
Explanation: Carpenter, Plumber, Electrician and Blacksmith are in same working category.

4. Tamilian, Gujarati, Punjabi
a) Aryan
b) Dravidan
c) Indian
d) Barbarian

Answer: c
Explanation: All these words represent the inhabitants of India.

5. Clutch, Brake, Horn
a) Car
b) Scooter
c) Accident
d) Steering

Answer: d
Explanation: All these are part of a vehicle.

6. Lawyer : Court
a) Chemist : Laboratory
b) Businessman : Office
c) Labour : Factory
d) Athlete : Olympics

Answer: a
Explanation: As the working field of lawyer is Court, similarly the working field of chemist is laboratory.

7. Letter : Word
a) Page : Book
b) Product : Factory
c) Club : People
d) Home work : School

Answer: a
Explanation: As Word is a group of letters similarly Book is a group of papers.

8. Lively : Dull
a) Employed : Jobless
b) Flower : Bud
c) Factory : Labour
d) Happy : Gay

Answer: a
Explanation: First word is opposite to the second word.

9. Silence : Noise
a) Quiet : Peace
b) Baldness : Hair
c) Talk : Whisper
d) Sing : Dance

Answer: b
Explanation: As Silence is opposite to noise, similarly Baldness is opposite to Hair.

10. Sound : Muffled
a) Moisture : Humid
b) Colour : Faded
c) Despair : Anger
d) Odour : Pungent

Answer: b
Explanation: Second is the process of gradual disappearances of the first.