Selecting Words Questions and Answers Part-1

1. He felt no ....... after he pushed her into the pond.
a) sadness
b) regret
c) proud
d) moral

Answer: b
Explanation: Regret (be sorry, be apologetic)

2. The manner in which bombs exploded in the city suggests that it is a part of a ................
a) conspiracy
b) event
c) game
d) occasion

Answer: a
Explanation: Conspiracy means plan, plot, etc.

3. Although he is very intelligent, he doesn't know how to .......... the problem.
a) dissolve
b) vanish
c) tackle
d) erase

Answer: c
Explanation: Tackle (deal with)

4. ..... the arrival of the police, people didn't go near the victim.
a) Although
b) Even
c) Unless
d) Till

Answer: d
Explanation: Till

5. The Sun ...... at 6 am in the morning yesterday.
a) rose
b) comes
c) rise
d) came

Answer: a
Explanation: rose is the past tense of rising.

6. The garden ........ as far as the lake.
a) located
b) encircles
c) extends
d) advances

Answer: c
Explanation: Extend (Expand)

7. Mary has an aversion ........ eating onions and garlic.
a) on
b) to
c) of
d) with

Answer: b
Explanation: aversion to means a strong dislike to something

8. After the power cut most part of the city ...... into darkness for many hours.
a) diverted
b) spread
c) went
d) plunged

Answer: d
Explanation: Plunge means to sink, fall, etc.

9. You haven't had your dinner yet, .......... you?
a) have
b) had
c) haven't
d) aren't

Answer: a
Explanation: Have

10. After the heavy rains, the river overflowed its ......... and flooded the nearby villages.
a) surface
b) corners
c) edges
d) banks

Answer: c
Explanation: Edges