Selecting Words Questions and Answers Part-2

1. After walking for a mile we sat under the ......... shade of a big banyan tree.
a) hot
b) dark
c) huge
d) cool

Answer: d
Explanation: cool shade provides relief

2. She gave her father a gold watch on the ............. of his fiftieth birthday.
a) completion
b) occasion
c) celebration
d) happiness

Answer: b
Explanation: Occasion (event, time)

3. Alice dances very well and ......... does Maria.
a) even
b) too
c) also
d) so

Answer: d
Explanation: so

4. I was surprised at his .......... lack of knowledge about the Continent of Asia.
a) great
b) abundant
c) colossal
d) excessive

Answer: c
Explanation: Colossal (huge, massive)

5. She was badly injured after she jumped from the wall. So she needed ...... care in the hospital.
a) intensive
b) extensive
c) extraordinary
d) huge

Answer: a
Explanation: intensive (thorough, serious)

6. He ....... to school every day instead of going by school bus.
a) Walk
b) Walks
c) Run
d) None of the above

Answer: b
Explanation: Walks

7. You have only one month to complete the training, Don't give ..... now.
a) on
b) it
c) up
d) off

Answer: c
Explanation: Give up means stop trying.

8. The students were afraid, but the teacher ....... them that there was not any ghost.
a) advised
b) secured
c) promised
d) assured

Answer: d
Explanation: Assured (Guaranteed)

9. Peter pulled a long ........ when he was told that he could not go to London.
a) face
b) leg
c) hand
d) mouth

Answer: a
Explanation: Pulled a long face means to get angry.

10. Maria had to run to ........ up with her dog when it saw a cat.
a) chase
b) keep
c) pull
d) stand

Answer: b
Explanation: to keep up meaning move at the same speed as someone else