Animal Kingdom Questions and Answers Part-14

1. Which of the following is true about reproduction in echinoderms?
a) Unisexuality
b) Usually external fertilization
c) Indirect development through free swimming larva
d) All of the above

Answer: d
Explanation: All of the above

2. Find out the number of spiny-bodied animals from the following:
Pila, Pinctada, Asterias, Echinus, Antedon, Cucumaria, Brittle star, Octopus
a) 4
b) 5
c) 6
d) 3

Answer: b
Explanation: 5

3. Select the correct matching:
a) Asterias – Sea urchin
b) Pila – Pearl oyster
c) Ophiura – Brittle star
d) Loligo – Cuttle fish

Answer: c
Explanation: "Ophiura – Brittle star". This is correct.

4. Select the incorrect matching:
a) Asterias – Star fish
b) Echinus – Sea urchin
c) Antedon – Sea lily
d) Cucumaria – Sea fan

Answer: d
Explanation: "Cucumaria – Sea fan". This is incorrect.

5. Sea urchin belongs to the class phylum
a) Echinodermata
b) Hemichordata
c) Ctenophora
d) Mollusca

Answer: a
Explanation: Echinodermata

6. Another name of cucummaria is
a) Sea urchin
b) Sea mouse
c) Sea pen
d) Sea cucumber

Answer: d
Explanation: Another name of cucummaria is Sea cucumber.

7. Which phylum shows regeneration in the lost part?
a) Mollusca
b) Annelida
c) Arthropoda
d) Echinodermata

Answer: d
Explanation: Echinodermata

8. Which phylum has the following features?
(1) Digestive track is complete, straight or U shape.
(2) Worm like, unsegmented marine animal.
(3) Respiration is done by gills.
(4) Excretion by single proboscis gland.
(5) Circulatory system is naturally open.
a) Arthropoda
b) Mollusca
c) Hemichordata
d) Urochordata

Answer: c
Explanation: Hemichordata

9. Which is a phylum?
a) Hemichordata
b) Urochordata
c) Cephalochordata
d) All of these

Answer: a
Explanation: Hemichordata is a phylum.

10. Larva of hemichordate is
a) Amphiblastula
b) Torneria
c) Ammocoete
d) Planula

Answer: b
Explanation: Larva of hemichordate is torneria.