Animal Kingdom Questions and Answers Part-22

1. Which of the following is incorrect about birds?
a) Air sacs is connected to lungs which help in respiration.
b) Hind limb posses scales and are modified for walking, swimming or clasping.
c) Separate sexes, internal fertilization, oviparous and direct development.
d) Endoskeleton consists of feathers, scales, beak and claws.

Answer: d
Explanation: Endoskeleton consists of feathers, scales, beak and claws.

2. Mammalia means organism which possess
a) Exoskeleton
b) Endoskeleton of bone
c) Mammary gland
d) Two pair of limbs

Answer: c
Explanation: Mammalia means organism which possess mammary gland.

3. The following features belong to
(1) Exoskeleton include hairs on body, horns and nail.
(2) Pinna is present.
(3) Heart is four chambered.
(4) Warm-blooded (homoiotherm).
(5) Thecodont and heterodont teeth.
a) Reptilians
b) Aves
c) Mammals
d) Amphibians

Answer: c
Explanation: Mammals

4. Mammals are adapted for
a) Walking and running
b) Climbing and burrowing
c) Swimming and flying
d) Any of the above

Answer: d
Explanation: Any of the above

5. Mammals are mostly
a) Viviparous
b) Oviparous
c) Ovoviviparous
d) All of these

Answer: a
Explanation: Mammals are mostly viviparous.

6. Oviparous mammal is
a) Canis (dog)
b) Felis (cat)
c) Pteropus (flying fox
d) Ornithorhynchus (platypus)

Answer: d
Explanation: Ornithorhynchus (platypus)

7. Select the incorrect matching:
a) Kangaroo – Macropus
b) Blue whale – Balaenoptera
c) Monkey – Macaca
d) Elephas – Camel

Answer: d
Explanation: "Elephas – Camel". This is incorrect.

8. Find out the incorrect matching:
a) Reptiles – Chelone, Testudo, Chameleon
b) Aves – Psittacula, Aptenodytes, Neophron
c) Mammals – Elephas, Rattus, Delphinus
d) Amphibian – Naja, bangarus, Calotes

Answer: d
Explanation: "Amphibian – Naja, bangarus, Calotes". This is incorrect.

9. Aquatic mammal is
a) Panthera tigris
b) Balaenoptera
c) Pteropus
d) Macropus

Answer: b
Explanation: Aquatic mammal is balaenoptera.

10. Which of the following is a ‘rat’?
a) Felis
b) Canis
c) Camelus
d) Rattus

Answer: d
Explanation: Rattus