Animal Kingdom Questions and Answers Part-18

1. Select the correct matching:
a) Petromyzon – Hagfish
b) Myxine – Lamprey
c) Carcharodon – Great white shark
d) Trygon – Torpedo

Answer: c
Explanation: "Carcharodon – Great white shark". This is correct.

2. (1) Stream-lined body
(2) Both marine and fresh water
(3) Mouth is terminal
(4) Caudal fin homocercal
(5) 4 pair of gills with operculum
Which class has the above characters?
a) Cyclostomata
b) Chondrichthyes
c) Osteichthyes
d) Amphibia

Answer: c
Explanation: Osteichthyes

3. Osteicthyes possess which kind of scales?
a) Placoid
b) Cycloid
c) Ctenoid
d) Both (b) and (c)

Answer: d
Explanation: Both (b) and (c)

4. External fertilization is found in
a) Sting ray
b) Flying fish
c) Saw fish
d) Dog fish

Answer: b
Explanation: External fertilization is found in flying fish.

5. Select the total number of bony fishes from the following:
Exocoetus, Hippocampus, Labeo, Catla, Clarias, Betta, Pterophyllum, Trygon, Torpedo, Pristis, Scolidon, Carcharodon.
a) 6
b) 7
c) 8
d) 12

Answer: b
Explanation: 7

6. Air bladder which regulates buoyancy is present in
a) Cyclostomata
b) Cartilaginous fish
c) Bony fishes
d) Amphibians

Answer: c
Explanation: Bony fishes

7. Select the correct matching:
a) Betta – Fighting fish
b) Hippocampus – Flying fish
c) Pterophyllum – Fighting fish
d) Clarias – Labeo

Answer: a
Explanation: "Betta – Fighting fish". This is correct.

8. Select the incorrect matching:
a) Scoliodon – Dog fish
b) Pterophyllum – Angel fish
c) Clarias – Magur
d) Trygon – Torpedo

Answer: d
Explanation: "Trygon – Torpedo". This is incorrect.

9. Select the correct matching:
a) Cyclostomata – gills (6–15 pairs)
b) Chondrichthyes – gills (5–7 pairs)
c) Osteichthyes – gills (4 pairs)
d) All are correct

Answer: d
Explanation: All are correct

10.Which of the following is a marine bony fish?
a) Exocoetus (flying fish)
b) Hippocampus (sea-horse)
c) Both (a) and (b)
d) Saw fish (pristis)

Answer: c
Explanation: Both (a) and (b)