Units and Measurement Questions and Answers Part-5

1. What is the SI unit of permeability
a) Henry per metre
b) Tesla metre per ampere
c) Weber per ampere metre
d) All the above units are correct

Answer: d
Explanation: All the above units are correct

2. In which of the following systems of unit, Weber is the unit of magnetic flux
a) CGS
b) MKS
c) SI
d) None of these

Answer: c
Explanation: SI

3. Tesla is a unit for measuring
a) Magnetic intensity
b) Magnetic induction
c) Both a and b
d) Magnetic pole strength

Answer: c
Explanation: Both a and b

4. If the unit of length and force be increased four times, then the unit of energy is
a) Increased 4 times
b) Increased 8 times
c) Increased 16 times
d) Decreased 16 times

Answer: c
Explanation: Energy = force * distance, so if both are increased by 4 times then energy will increase by 16 times

5. Oersted is a unit of
a) Dip
b) Magnetic intensity
c) Magnetic moment
d) Pole strength

Answer: b
Explanation: 1 Oerstead = 1 Gauss = 10-4 Tesla

6. \[Ampere-hour\]    is a unit of
a) Quantity of electricity
b) Strength of electric current
c) Power
d) Energy

Answer: a
Explanation: Charge = current * time

7. The unit of specific resistance is
a) \[Ohm-cm^{2}\]
b) Ohm/cm
c) \[Ohm-cm\]
d) \[\left(Ohm-cm\right)^{-1}\]

Answer: c

8. The binding energy of a nucleon in a nucleus is of the order of a few
a) eV
b) Ergs
c) MeV
d) Volts

Answer: c
Explanation: MeV

9. Parsec is a unit of
a) Distance
b) Velocity
c) Time
d) Angle

Answer: a
Explanation: Astronomical unit of distance

10. If \[u_{1} and u_{2}\]  are the units selected in two systems of measurement and \[n_{1}and n_{2}\]  their numerical values, then
a) \[n_{1}u_{1}=n_{2}u_{2}\]
b) \[n_{1}u_{1}+n_{2}u_{2}=0\]
c) \[n_{1}n_{2}=u_{1}u_{2}\]
d) \[\left(n_{1}+u_{1}\right)=\left(n_{2}+u_{2}\right)\]

Answer: a
Explanation: Physical quantity (p) = Numerical value (n) * Unit (u)