Units and Measurement Questions and Answers Part-6

1. 1 eV is
a) Same as one joule
b) \[1.6\times 10^{-19}J\]
c) 1 V
d) \[1.6\times 10^{-19}C\]

Answer: b
Explanation: 1eV = 1.6 * 10-19 coulomb * 1 volt = 1.6 * 10-19 J

2. \[1kWh =\]
a) 1000W
b) \[36\times 10^{5}J\]
c) 1000 J
d) 3600 J

Answer: b
Explanation: 1kWh = 1*103*3600 W*sec = 36 * 105 J

3. Universal time is based on
a) Rotation of the earth on its axis
b) Earth's orbital motion around the earth
c) Vibrations of cesium atom
d) Oscillations of quartz crystal

Answer: c
Explanation: According to the definition

4. Unit of stress is
a) N/m
b) N-m
c) N/m2
d) N-m2

Answer: c

5. Unit of Stefan's constant is
a) \[ J s^{-1}\]
b) \[ J m^{-2} s^{-1} K^{-4}\]
c) \[ J m^{-2}\]
d) J s

Answer: b

6. Unit of magnetic moment is
a) \[ Ampere -metre^{2}\]
b) \[ Ampere -metre\]
c) \[ Weber -metre^{2}\]
d) \[ Weber \diagup metre\]

Answer: a
Explanation: M = Pole strength * length = amp - metre * metre = amp - metre2

7. Curie is a unit of
a) Energy of \[\gamma-rays\]
b) Half life
c) Radioactivity
d) Intensity of \[\gamma-rays\]

Answer: c
Explanation: Curie = disintegration/second

8. Hertz is the unit for
a) Frequency
b) Force
c) Electric charge
d) Magnetic flux

Answer: a
Explanation: Hertz is the unit for Frequency

9. One pico Farad is equal to
a) \[10^{-24}F\]
b) \[10^{-18}F\]
c) \[10^{-12}F\]
d) \[10^{-6}F\]

Answer: c
Explanation: Pico prefix used for 10-12

10. In SI, Henry is the unit of
a) Self inductance
b) Mutual inductance
c) (a) and (b) both
d) None of the above

Answer: c
Explanation: (a) and (b) both